Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Satan probably tore up the streets made of gold. It was tacky anyway.

Okay, I never got anything but a shocked look from Christians as a child, but maybe someone can disprove me now.

You know how God doesn't show himself anymore? Uh... I was scared as a kid because I thought it was entirely possible that Satan finally took control of humanity and threw God in to Hell. How do you know you aren't all worshiping Satan? It would sure explain the absence of God all this time. I guess at any rate you want to worship whoever is in control of heaven so you can get your virgins and shit. What's God able to provide you with in hell? Uh-oh.

Now you still have the option to stop all this make-believe and join us over here in reality... Or you can take your chances with evil heaven.


Tommy said...

I've thought of that sometimes too. What if the god of the Bible was really and evil entity and it tricked the human race into worshipping it? And it deliberately fosters different and mutually incompatible religions and sects within religions in order to encourage violence and strife. Sort of like the evil entity in the Stark Trek episode that makes the Enterprise crew and the Klingons fight each other because it feeds off of hostility.

Ishy said...

Most awesome comment ever.

Ishy said...


This is kind of... something