Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Evil Sinner

So I thought I'd take this free personality test on christiaNet.com just for funzees. Only it gets to the second question and I'm already stuck.

2. In dealing with others you may be seen as:


Why are these my only options? I wasn't surprised, though. If you're a christian, you're a sinner. You're evil. Without Jesus you can only be lazy, inflexible, dominating, or manipulative when dealing with others. Without Jesus you are a loser. Without Jesus you suck. Want to hear how awful you are over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over? Just join the cult! They have plenty more to contribute to your low self-esteem. Why? Well without a low self-worth you don't really need them. They'll tell you that, though. Only they say they call a healthy view of yourself "vanity." Any success you may bring to yourself through hard work and dedication you could not have done without Jesus. Oh maybe you can do it without Jesus, but remember you're not ever accomplishing anything on your own, if Jesus isn't helping you, it's Satan who has tricked you into thinking you did it on your own. Or something. Perhaps it's not what they SAY they teach, but it is most definitely what I learned at church.


Merk said...

Off topic but it reminds me of the career test I took in high school that said I would most likely be happiest being a rabbi or a pastor. My next highest was a paper and prints restorer. The sad thing was that I sort of tried to skew the results towards making me a cartoonist. I guess that means that I view cartoons as holy.

Ishy said...

That makes sense.