Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Oh Neat

You fit in with:

80% scientific.
100% reason-oriented.

Your ideals mostly resemble those of an Atheist. You value objective proof over intuition or subjective thoughts. You enjoy talking about ideas and tend to have a lot of in depth conversations with people.

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Edit: This makes me think this was written by an atheist. Or at least by someone who understands atheism, because I usually don't score atheist unless I say I want to murder babies. So I went back and took it as a Christian. Or so I thought.

You fit in with:

80% spiritual.
80% faith-oriented.

You ideals mostly resemble those of the Hindu faith. Spirituality is very important to you, and you value family, friends and life above other things. You have incredible faith, and will live a very worthwhile life.

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