Friday, January 18, 2008

The Devil Gets All the Best Scientists

I got linked here today and found this comment:

bagpiper2005 (47 minutes ago)

Just wanted to post what I think is the best argument (and what I think could really be the case) for young-earth creation:

God created life fully formed and of age. Why could He not also create physical objects with the appearance of age as well? So the earth is 4 billion years old, but it was created less than 10,000 year ago. Why do this? A 6,000 year old earth would not be fully formed, and would still be hot. A 4.3 billion year old earth would not be.

bagpiper2005 (47 minutes ago)
So God created a 4.3 billion year old earth 6,000 years ago, because it would be perfect to support life that He would see fit to place upon it. This is why everything in the universe dates differently. God knew at what age everything had to be in order for it all to work together as we see it today.

Asemodeous (31 minutes ago)
"So God created a 4.3 billion year old earth 6,000 years ago, because it would be perfect to support life that He would see fit to place upon it."

Excellent use of apologetics.

So I posted:
ishkamina (4 seconds ago)
Why wouldn't he just create a different kind of universe where what we lived on wouldn't need to be 4 billion years old to support our type of life? I mean, if you're gonna do it right, why not do it right?

This is ridiculous! I had to step in. This is was my first time. I decided I wouldn't just pick fights. Not quite yet. I just joined a forum in December. I've only recently become an active atheist (when I realized how much better things could be without all this bigotry). I'm learning everything I need to know before I start picking fights. This time I just couldn't believe my eyes.

We could do without the constant preaching of hate, all sugar-coated like it isn't really hate. I believed it for a long time, and I don't expect anyone that is brainwashed to notice all the sugar and spin. I felt bad for people older than me for a while. I feel like admitting what I believe, states that I think they've wasted their lives. It's because I really... I really do believe that. I mean, unless they've not let Christianity stop them from self-actualizing, but that is super rare.

How many, many choices they make because it will please the lord, and not please themselves. It's really sad to live like that. I know. I've done it, and I've seen and loved a lot of people who have done it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all learn from these experiences and grow as humans, yada, yada. Is it really important that you master the ability to cope with suffering? I'd rather be sensitive to suffering, but that's just me.

And another thing! What's with scientist being all evil? I have an in-law family member that posted a blog about evolution being a huge lie that all the scientists were in on to disprove god.

Holy...............................................................Shit. *drops jaw*

Let's talk a walk in reality, shall we? Which of your peers enjoyed science as a kid? Was she evil? Or was she quiet? Was he evil? Or was he awkward? There is a difference. I remember back in reality when I met a jerk on a blind date he usually wasn't intelligent. He usually didn't like the learning. These people who like to learn things about the earth... they're just finding things. They try putting the puzzle together the best that they can. And then Christians come along and say, "Hey Asshole, I find your "science" offensive!" Those are finger-quotes, obviously.

What? Hey I was just over here minding my own business, ... ... finding some bones. ...Is it cool if I write something about this skull I found? No? ... w...w...w-why? Oh, because you're holy book is wrong. Well I can't do anything about that, but I can tell you about this neat fractal I foun- no?! O... K...

When we can make what god can make, what use is god? A human is the first step, what will stop us from learning how to create a planet? Perhaps we can create it to look 4 billion years old when it's really only 2 thousand. Why not? Then we can clone humans and see how long it takes before we get bored with them. Just mess with them long enough so that for the rest of their existence they'll hear stories about when god used to interact with us. He doesn't anymore, but he used to. I hear he created us in his image.

We best remember to throw in really confusing and terrifying revelations. We should probably get some guys on acid to write it. Make sure they know that if they don't worship us, "we brought you in to this world, and we can take you out." Or burn in hell or whatever torturous thing you guys come up with. Otherwise they might not worship us, cuz let's face it, we aren't really worth worshiping. If we can make something complex, does that make us worth worshiping?


zilch said...

Hey Ishy! You might be interested to know that this is a pretty old argument: Phillip Gosse claimed in his Omphalos in 1857 (two years before Darwin's Origin of Species!) that God created the world with the appearance of great age, including fossils, just to test our faith. So there is really "nothing new under the Sun" as Ecclesiastes has it.

cheers from sunny Vienna, zilch

Ishy said...

Yeah that's why I was so outraged that it was presented by this person as a great new idea! I guess I should have mentioned that. Thanks for the comment. :)