Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"I love Jesus because"

I googled "I love Jesus because" and here are the results:

I love Jesus because He gives me victory every day of my life
I love Jesus because He loves me
I love Jesus, because he first loved me!
I love Jesus because he saves those who hurt him
I love Jesus,Because He first loved me!
I love Jesus because he is the best fire insurance in the world. He gives me lots of great stuff that I don’t really deserve at all.
I Love Jesus Because he first loved me.
I love Jesus because of what he meant to my father and particularly my mother.I love Jesus because he(God) made this awesome world we live in, and everything in it.
I love Jesus because He loves me
I love Jesus because he sacrificed his LIFE for all of human salvation
I love Jesus because He took someone as yucky as me, and saved me.
I love Jesus because He first loved me a sinner
I love Jesus because He loves me
I love Jesus because he is my favorite father in all of my life
I love Jesus because he teaches me how to be fully human

I understand that the lines in bold print are also from the bible and many songs, but I only pulled the quotes from the lines that didn't give credit to the bible or a song. This is what people say?

I remember being in Sunday school, being put on the spot to answer questions like these. "Kamina, why do you love Jesus?" What was I thinking about while I was searching for an answer? I was thinking about what the right answer is. I was searching for a bible verse to quote. I was trying to remember if my mom had given me an answer to the question. If I had really loved Jesus these thoughts wouldn't have been the only thoughts running through my head. No one ever asked me why I loved an other dead people I had never met. If you asked me why I loved my mom, I never would have come up with, "because she loved me first." Okay, maybe if I was three, I would.

To take an underdeveloped brain and try to convince it that it should love someone who is dead seams a little wishy-washy to me. Like, let's say God is real. Okay, so god is real and I want to tell my child about God. Well I would tell them all of the wonderful things God did for ME. I would set an example. I wouldn't expect the child to comprehend these abstract ideas and believe them. Not only that, but you need to say that you believe them over and over and over. Week after week you will recite verses that confirm your love for something your brain has not even developed well enough to understand. By the time I was ten I was able to answer this question instantly, not because I had been introduced to any critical thinking that helped me decide for myself, but because I had heard the lines over and over and over and over and over and over and over. I could still look a christian in the eye and tell them why I love jesus. I would mean it just as much as I did when I was ten.


Merk said...

Great post! I think it's interesting that if you put those quotes into a different context, say, "Why do you love your boyfriend?" those things become surreal and nonsensical. There are very few instances I can think of that make "because he first loved me" an acceptable answer, that doesn't make you look like a needy wreck.

It makes sense if you think of every Christian as a battered housewife.

Merk said...

[edit] that don't make you look like a needy wreck.

Darn the lack of an edit function!

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

God is reality, my friend. Without the Trinity, you'd be nuthin. Take a lookit my peAce and write me if you so choose:

While I certainly respect your humanistic atheism, how far does that go? Only till you perish. I have a solution not many people even think about - in fact, with my head injury, I'm more-than-likely the first. If you think this life ends at death, can I turn-you-on to believe in procreation in Heaven?? In the Exclusive Landscape Upstairs, like the NYC El but muuuch better, outside the stanky litter box of earth, a Beyond-Wonderfully-Delicious-Panorama of guys or girls await you. So, here’s my peAce de resistance: doesn’t matter whether you believe or not, brudda, you’re still gonna croak in our lifelong demise; then, while our mortal bodies are recycled in the grave to make fertilizer, our indelible soul rises-up to be judged at the General Judgment. Here’s the point I want you to consider BEFORE leaving this world: love make'n in Heaven. If nuthin else, that alone should persuade you to get baptized-and-believe - the floating, I hear, is bombastically wonderFULL. Why not? Can’t God provide everything? Thot so. The Trinity’s just as happy you made it to the realm where the Son is ever present rather than shadows at midnight. Lookit, if God provides everything else, why not passionate, intimate love make’n interspersed the length of eternity? Dunno bout you, butt! I wanna love, love, love and do everything withem, just like my onomatopoeia word: I wanna be enveloped and engulfed WITHEM (the TH serves as a catalyst for both).

See, God knew the ol El Diablo would lie-like-a-rug and trick U.S. into believing sex wouldn’t be possible in Heaven, so why not get a buncha ho’s and condemn yourself? Lookit Eminem. You think Upstairs, we have to be stanch, hardcore blox with no feelings whatsoever; we have to sit in 'church' and be good religious zealots with our hands in prayer 24/7 …?? WRONG. If you yourself have the desire when you walk through the Pearly Gates, anything and everything and MORE is possible in the Great Beyond. I know. I’m head injured. I left this world in October ‘85. So dream BIG, America. God loves that. God loves for U.S. to ‘pull Him outta the sky’ and fantasize about where we’re going. God can and will provide if we have a seed of faith.

Type in your browser ‘Pascal’s wager’ …and you’ll soon realize this lifelong demise is merely the tip-of-the-iceberg for the two eternities. I hope you'll go to where I can kiss your adorable feet in the sunshine. God bless you with discernment.

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Sorry. I meant to take-out that second-to-last-line. I instruct girls in NYC.