Saturday, January 5, 2008

Atheist Revolution

Atheist Revolution

This is a good idea. I know that being atheist only explains what I don't believe. Right now that seems very important, but if the theists weren't just sitting around letting their leaders act all crazy, only to say, "Just because he represents us doesn't mean he represents us" while doing nothing about it, I probably wouldn't be so quick to show my atheist pride.

The only kind of make-believe I like is drawing pictures of unicorns vomiting rainbows. I don't believe they do, though. That reminds me! I cannot understand why you would take literally a book that was written by ignorant, primitive humans. It's confusing me lately. The bible teaches bigotry, which makes sense considering who wrote it, but it's PAST time to throw out that garbage.

I can tell you that what I believe isn't evil. Just because I do not believe in any gods does not mean that I cannot see the advantages of happiness. I believe in happiness. That includes doing everything in my power to make others happy, to the best of my ability. In case you are confused, that means I don't discourage a woman who is being beaten or mentally abused from leaving her husband, like many many many many many many many christians do. Sticking next to a shitty man because of some ancient text makes sense how? It won't make you happy. It won't. In fact it will piss of the rational thinkers around you who are constantly trying to be there for you and support you and get you to a better place, MOM.

Believing in happiness also means doing what's best for people in a community, or a country. How about this christian nation we call the USA? The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. The education standards get worse and worse and now we want to call things science that aren't even science. Intelligent Design is not even close to being a science. We already know that, though.

The most important thing that I believe is that when we die that is it. The End. To me this means life is so precious. I don't understand why it would mean that life is meaningless and I definitely don't know why anyone would assume that turning off god means turning off empathy. I still cry, I still laugh, I still experience joy and pain. Empathy must be something theists don't understand. Without god I am still human. Without God I still feel.

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Merk said...

"Just because he represents us doesn't mean he represents us"

I love this :)