Friday, January 4, 2008

I'm going to try

I've always wanted to tell the story of my journey from theism to rational thought. I was brainwashed as a child. I went to Jesus Camp. I went to church, usually three or four days a week. I prayed. I believed. I had faith. Then I grew up and exercised my brain. I read books. Christians don't read books. I mean, I did see my dad read a star wars book, once, when we were camping.

I started polling people in my church about what books they read and how often they read. Ninety per cent of them read the bible and only the bible. I understand that this was at one church and was not a nation-wide poll, but my traveling and funds for my research were limited, as I was eleven. To learn that the majority of adults in the church cut themselves off from learning anything else was scary to me. I felt alone. To top it off, that other 10% only read books by Christian authors. There was one male in the entire church that I found that had read a variety of books. He was new to Christianity, and was not sure that he would be staying long. He didn't.

Tune in next time for: "One day in science class I realized that the heart does not speak. "


Merk said...

Great start, keep it up! :)

Stefanie, of Stef and Zach :-) said...

I think it's because reading makes people think, and if there is one thing the church doesn't like, it's people thinking for themselves. I mean, what if someone asks a question and isn't satified with some variation of "Beacause it's god's plan"? Disaster, I tell you, disaster.