Thursday, January 17, 2008

Open Your Eyes, Dear Christian

Some say religion is harmless. Then why did it ruin my self-esteem? Why did it make me feel worthless and evil? Why is it so terrifying? Why does it encourage women to stay with abusive men? Why are there more awful deeds done in the name of a god, instead of in the name of rational thought? Hitler was not an atheist, though Christians LOVE LOVE LOVE to say he was. Here, read this or this or this. Or you can conduct your own search. Or read anything that came from Hitler's mouth. "Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord." He was not an atheist, and neither were his followers. End of story.

On top of that, the theists love to call atheists evil all the time, even though there is no proof of it. Oh, wait! The Bible! The Bible says anyone who rejects god is a fool that does no good. Just look a few posts down on my blog, I already cited the verse. So instead of learning about atheists and just how moral they are (in my experience they are less hypocritical when it comes to morals, and far less bigotry is involved) they choose to take the "word of god" as proof that atheism is evil. Uh, .... hahaha? No.

So it's not harmless. Right? I mean Hilter is only one man, but I'd say that whole event is proof that it is, in fact, NOT harmless.

But what about your average Christian that's at home minding their own business? I find this even worse. To let the people who represent you go on like they do, while you do absolutely nothing about it, is also VERY harmful. Best believe that if the majority of popular atheists (and especially Humanists) were representing me with bigotry, hate, and a quest for oppression I would say something. I would do something. We all would. The truth is, Dawkins is smart. I haven't read every last word of his, but I can tell you that what I have heard and read I do not disagree with. He was amazing at TED.

The rest of the Atheists are doing a really good job of expressing themselves using reason and logic. Show me the top five most popular Christians. Do they believe that people are equal? If they do they are in contradiction with their holy text, that insists often that a woman is to submit to man.

Atheism only explains that I don't believe there is a single god in existence, and their never has been. Humanism explains that I am not evil because of it. I'm angry that I have to label myself a Humanist. It seems obvious. I use my brain, so I understand empathy. I have feelings and I understand that every other human does as well. No color of skin, no birthplace, no income, NOTHING makes me automatically better or worse than anyone else. Not even gender. What I do with my life and the choices I make determine how good of a person I am. What stops me from sinning? Well first let's address sin. I agree with Robert A. Heinlein 100% when he says, "Sin lies only in hurting other people unnecessarily. All other 'sins' are invented nonsense."

What stops me from hurting other people unnecessarily? Uh, how about it's ridiculous to do so? Tell me that the only reason you are moral is because god tells you to be moral and I say you are an IDIOT. If you think on it for even a second you can realize that you probably shouldn't treat other people in a way you do not wish to be treated. The golden rule was around long before the Bible. Do you know why? BECAUSE IT'S OBVIOUS TO ANYONE WHO USES THEIR BRAIN.

Seriously. I challenge all Christians to stand up for their fellow man and stop the lies that atheists are without morals. I challenge all Christians to take down the bigots that represent them. I challenge you to start caring about humanity just a little bit and stop sitting around doing nothing. Praying won't change the minds of your leaders as well as using your voice will. Tell them you care about other humans, let them know. Obviously they don't, or they wouldn't preach hate. These leaders teach your children as well. They set an example for/inspire young impressionable Christians. If they don't really represent your views, fucking say something! Or nothing will change.

If you are not outraged by Christianity, you are not paying attention.


Merk said...

I wouldn't even care if Christians prayed until their eyes bled, as long as that wasn't the only thing (or the main thing) they did to fix their leaders'/spokespeople's mind-boggling anti-humanism.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your comments! I love to see new people reading and commenting. Hope you enjoy! If you have a myspace there is a myspace version of the page too. :-p

- Ryan Green -

Anonymous said...

Oh and btw If you are not outraged by Christianity, you are not paying attention.... Love it! So true!