Sunday, January 27, 2008

Expelled: The Movie

No one is going to lose their job simply because they watch this movie. You can tell who this movie is targeted at. No one should need to be scared in to watching a movie about science. If you do need to be terrified in a trailer in order to watch a movie about science then you're probably not someone who knows a lot about science. If you don't know a lot about science there's really nothing stopping you from believing this garbage.

The reason they aren't allowed in scientific journals is because this is not science. It's philosophy at best. It's theism. Scientist are trying to learn about things they see and feel, these guys are trying to learn about things they don't see that can't be proven. Hello? Knock knock knock. Hi I'm science and I'm here for you to learn about what proof we have for what.

A theory is an idea. The idea is tested, and it is either thrown out because tests cannot prove it is true, or the tests consistently back up that idea as true. A theory can be tested until it consistently, 100% of the time proven true. Like... gravity. So say you get an idea (a theory) but it's lacking any proof so that means it is not considered equal to another theory that not only has A LOT of proof, but contradicts yours in many ways.

Get more proof and you'll get published. Simple as that. SIMPLE AS THAT.

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